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Toward Effective Ministry


Toward Effective Ministry–owned and operated by Donald Cartmell–was a close friend of Blue Sky and one of its first clients.   With his love of dogs and his passion for God, his spirit filled everything he touched.

We initially helped him rebrand his Christian-based business advice web site––while adapting it to our ColdFusion platform at the time.  This update in technology allowed him to better edit and publish his weekly articles to his member-base of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Over the years our business relationship with Don evolved and we primarily assisted him in his presentation and print marketing efforts.  This ranged from from PowerPoint presentations and brochures to aid in his speaking engagements,  to a number of original book covers that would help contribute to his ever growing efforts as a published author.

Life Beyond the Sandbar book cover
Life Beyond the Sandbar book cover
Toward Effective Ministry testimonial

The quality and punctuality of your service has been excellent. Your slogan, creativity is not obsolete, is reflected throughout all that you do; in programming, graphics, and print design. We appreciate the variety of services available under your extensive interactive umbrella, and it is appropriate for us to pause to say, thank you.

Donald CartmellPresident, TEM Inc.
Toward Effective Ministry brochure image
No Time For Drifting book cover