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RecognitionArt–formally Recognition Resources–is one of the leading donor recognition companies in the United States specializing in artistic installations meant to help profit and not-for-profit organizations meet their fundraising and capital campaign goals.

They formed a relationship with Blue Sky from the very beginning, where we created their initial site in the late 1990s along with 4 complete overhauls since– including a transition to a new company name and identity, RecognitionArt.  We also worked to manage their branding, print advertising, and Google Adwords campaigns.  This helped them increase their market reach substantially, where they eventually became the leading donor recognition company for the majority of the YMCA’s and Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the US.

Recognition Resources web site image
RecognitionArt web site image

Blue Sky not only created the name of their new company RecognitionArt, but also handled all of their branding and identity work.  Along with the logo for RecognitionArt, Blue Sky also created a theme that carried over to the branding for their Donor Details and RecongitionMap utilities.

RecognitionArt logos

Blue Sky was also a key partner in the creation of a patented interlocking and changeable panel system that would allow organizations to easily change the content of their recognition displays as their needs and goals changed.

RecognitionArt panel system image
RecognitionArt panel system image
RecognitionArt testimonial

Having worked with several web designers before moving to Florida and meeting you I can state from experience that their listening skills pail in comparison to yours. The key to site development is listening to your client and interpreting their needs and wants to a user responsive sophisticated site. You do this well and ask pertinent follow up questions.Any company or person who uses your services will be well rewarded and your fees—reasonable as they are—will be returned one hundred fold.

Larry GreenwaldPartner